David Aardsma Has Only Good Memories From Time With Red Sox

Reliever David Aardsma spent just one season in Boston, but it may have been his most memorable.

When he found out that he had been traded from the White Sox to the Red Sox in January of 2008, his reaction was mostly one of disbelief: “The Boston Red Sox want me, and they think I can help them?”

What followed was a year that had its ups and downs for Aardsma, but he said he’ll have some memories that he’ll never forget.

“Being in Tokyo, watching [Daisuke Matsuzaka] … that was so fun,” he said. “I got to pitch over there twice. I got to pitch against the Yomiuri Giants and then I got to pitch against the Oakland A’s. That was really neat, I got to pitch twice in the Tokyo dome.”

Aardsma said that he also enjoyed watching the budding talent of Jon Lester.

“Watching Lester pitch his no-hitter. I mean, I never got to see anybody be so perfect for a game. I got to see [Mark] Buehrle‘s no-hitter, but that was different. [Buehrle]’s tricking people; Lester was just a man. It was amazing.”

Now with the Seattle Mariners, Aardsma recalled one aspect of being a member of the Red Sox that he still gets to enjoy.

“‘Sweet Caroline’ every game, still … even coming in last year as a visiting team to see that, it still kind of gets me in my heart. It’s neat,” he said.

Check out the video below to see what else Aardsma had to say, including his adjustment to Seattle, where he posted 38 saves last year.