Dennis Wideman: Despite Improved Power Play, Still a Tough Road Ahead Naoko Funayama spoke to Boston defenseman Dennis Wideman about the new power-play look the Bruins displayed Saturday, converting 3 of 4 chances.

“Any time when things aren’t going well, the coaches switch,” Wideman told Funayama. The B’s had not converted any of their last 22 chances on the power play, and they clearly miss the contributions of Marc Savard in that area.

Wideman also spoke about the recent play of the Bruins, which has been on the upswing. Adding the power play to the team’s arsenal can only mean good things.

“It’s a huge boost to the team,” Wideman added.

Boston will need it, as a back-to-back against Bufffalo and New Jersey looms.

“They are obviously two really good teams,” Wideman noted. “We still need to win every game. We have to keep winning, because the teams around us win.”

Boston is currently battling to stay among the top eight teams in the Eastern Conference. Check out the video below for more.