Derek Morris ‘Sad to Go’ As He Departs Boston For Phoenix


Derek Morris 'Sad to Go' As He Departs Boston For Phoenix Derek Morris understands the NHL is a business.

He understands why he was dealt to Phoenix on Wednesday, but that doesn't mean he's not upset to be leaving a city he was hoping would be his home for the remainder of his career.

"I'm upset, for sure, and you're always shocked when you're traded," said Morris, who was dealt to the Rangers from Phoenix at last year's trade deadline.

When Morris, 31, signed a one-year deal for $3.3 million with Boston last summer, he arrived hoping that maybe he'd end up re-upping with the Bruins at the conclusion of the season should things go well for both sides. Morris had always liked the city of Boston, and he believed the Bruins were legit contenders for the Stanley Cup.

Obviously, though, this has been a disappointing year for both Morris and the Bruins, as they have battled injuries all season long and, in the eyes of many, underachieved. They corrected a 10-game winless streak with four straight wins heading into the Olympic break, but they regressed with Tuesday's 4-1 loss to Montreal, carrying a 1-0 lead into the third period before allowing four unanswered goals.

The Bruins, looking to shake things up, had actually approached Morris about waiving his no-trade clause prior to the Olympic freeze; they had apparently wanted to rearrange their blue line and needed to clear the remaining $1 million on his contract to do so. Morris reluctantly agreed to waive his no-movement because the Bruins had a deal in place to send him to his former team, the Coyotes. But when he returned from the Olympic break last weekend, he was informed that the trade was off the table.

That's why, when he found out he was dealt upon arriving at Ristuccia Arena on Wednesday, Morris was surprised.

"I had told them I was willing to go to Phoenix and waive the no-movement before the break, but last I knew, the deal was off," Morris said. "So yeah, I guess that's why I'm so shocked right now. My guess and what I'd expect is that they have another deal coming and needed to clear my cap hit. This is part of the business, and I'm sad to go, but it is what is."

Morris made it clear he holds no ill feelings towards the Bruins and will treasure his time here.

"You do what you have to do and they do what they believe they need to do, but that's fine," Morris said. "I'm thankful for the opportunity here, and I really love this city and the fans. People have so much passion for the teams here and for life in general. That's what I'll miss the most. My family and I want to thank the team and the community for embracing us. We'll miss it here, for sure."

Fortunately, Morris is returning to a community he is familiar with — and also to a much-improved Phoenix team that stands fifth in the Western Conference.

"Thankfully, yeah, I'm going back to a dressing room that I'm familiar with, and a really improved team with a great coach in Dave Tippett," Morris said. "My family always liked it there so it will be nice, and we'll see where I end up over the summer."

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