Doc Rivers Reflects on Appearance in 1992 Chicago Basketball Documentary


Doc Rivers Reflects on Appearance in 1992 Chicago Basketball Documentary The 1992 documentary More Than A Game captured the rise of basketball in Chicago during the Bulls' championship runs of the early 1990s, but it also featured Doc Rivers.

According to The Boston Globe, Joe Angio's film included an interview with a younger Rivers, who provided insight into the Chicago basketball scene.

Rivers, who was born in Chicago and played at Marquette University, understands that the '90s was an unparalleled period for basketball players in Chicago. 

"That one time, that was an amazing stretch," Rivers told The Globe. "When you think about it, it was luck. It was like 17 or 20 guys in the junior or senior class that all made it to the NBA. That's an amazing number. The stars were aligned."

Angio interviewed Rivers, former Phoenix Sun Eddie Johnson and Jazz guard Rickey Green to create his film about basketball in the Windy City. The documentary filmmaker found out quickly how Rivers felt about basketball.

"He, more than anyone, was just so passionate," Angio said. "Not only the playing but the perceived downside of it, where perspectives get askew. The passion he felt about playing equaled the life of it. There's no cutting corners. I got no sense that he was telling me what I wanted to hear. There was no spin there."

Angio's documentary did not earn mainstream success when it was released 18 years ago, but Rivers helped the filmmaker accomplish his goal. 

"The aim was just to show the love of the game and what drives these people," Angio said.

More Than A Game was re-released two weeks ago on the Snag Films Web site.

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