Dr. Kelton Burbank Discusses Concussions With Kathryn Tappen Plenty of Bruins fans are concerned with the health of center Marc Savard as he recovers from a nasty concussion suffered on Sunday at the hands of Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke.

But what exactly does a Grade 2 concussion consist of? What is the difference in severity between a Grade 1 and Grade 2 concussion?

Dr. Kelton Burbank of the Health Alliance Hospital discussed concussions with Kathryn Tappen on Thursday’s edition of W.B. Mason Bruins Face-Off Live.

“There are three grades: Grade 1 is a mild concussion, and that’s usually a concussion where there’s no loss of consciousness,” Dr. Burbank explained. “[With] a Grade 2 concussion, or a moderate concussion, there usually is a loss of consciousness — usually less than a minute or so — and the associated symptoms can last up to about seven days.”

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