Glen Davis Nearly Landed Lead Role of Michael Oher in ‘The Blind Side’


Glen Davis Nearly Landed Lead Role of Michael Oher in 'The Blind Side'

Glen Davis in an Oscar-nominated film? It sounds crazy, but it almost happened.

Davis was one of three final candidates to play the lead role of Michael Oher in The Blind Side, which was nominated for Best Picture and helped Sandra Bullock take home the best actress statue.

Davis was first approached to audition for the role at the start of his rookie season with the Celtics in 2007, according to Davis was a high school football player himself, and he acted in improvisation shows throughout his time at LSU.

"I’ve always wanted to act," Davis told the Web site. "I knew about the football player, he played at Ole Miss, and I heard there was a book out about that. So I said, 'Sure, I’ll try out.' "

After rehearsing a three-page script that was sent to him, Davis recorded a video audition of the scene in which Oher ultimately decides to attend Ole Miss. Davis never had time to meet with the film’s executives, though, despite being chosen as one of three finalists for the role, which eventually went to Quinton Aaron.

"I never flew out because I didn’t have time," Davis told "I was playing, it was at the beginning of the season. That would’ve been tough. I would’ve had to shoot during the summer time, and that was a really important time."

Any disappointment about having to give up the role was wiped away by the Celtics’ championship later that season. Still, Davis isn’t ruling out a possible big-screen debut in the future.

"Basketball is my first love and winning a ring means a lot. Then acting is my second love, so hopefully that will come down the line and hopefully I can get a motion picture award," Davis said after Boston’s 86-83 win over the Wizards on Oscar Sunday. "Like tonight, I can play a game and then win an Oscar."

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