Joshua Clottey Blames Pre-Fight Stew for Loss to Manny Pacquiao


Joshua Clottey was fighting two battles on Saturday: one with Manny Pacquiao and one with a pre-fight meal.

According to Joy News, Clottey claims indigestion caused by Banku and Okro stew — a Ghanaian dish — is partly to blame for his loss to Pacquiao.

“When I ate after the weighing I was ‘running,'” Clottey told the Web site. “The midnight I went to toilet almost like four times. In the morning, I went to toilet almost like three times. When we went to the dressing room, I went to toilet like three times.”

Pacquaio retained his WBO welterweight title in a unanimous-decision victory over Clottey in Saturday night’s matchup in Dallas. Clottey claims stomach aches and diarrhea before the bout weakened him during the fight.

Clottey has issued an apology to Ghanaians for the loss, and he has vowed to make a comeback.

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