In sports, sometimes you just need a man hug.

And a man hug is just what Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol shared on Sunday, after Carmelo Anthony fouled out. Needless to say, Anthony wasn’t a fan.

Photo of the day

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Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol Really, Really Like Winning

Quote of the day

“He’s the face of hockey in Canada. On this stage, he stepped up and scored a huge goal for Canada. People are going to remember that. For a long time.”
–Canadian forward Eric Staal, on Sidney Crosby’s game-winning goal to win the gold medal for Canada

Comment of the day

Not often do Americans enjoy taking second place, but the U.S. hockey team gave all Americans something to be proud of.

“What a show of talent no matter what country they came from.As for the American team ,what they lacked in talent they made with speed,guts and pride no chockers on that team.Burke chose them and Wilson coached them.Now,for us Canadians are we lucky to have Sid The Kid,twice he got us out of trouble,see you in four years,well done everybody.”
–old uncle chank

Video of the day

This celebration video is pretty cool, but try to imagine what it would have looked like if Canada lost.

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