Mike Cameron Out for a Few Days With Minor Groin Injury Mike Cameron is 37 years old, and though he told NESN's Heidi Watney that he doesn't feel his age, he was given a reminder over the weekend that he might not be able to do everything he's used to doing. The veteran outfielder felt some groin pain and will be out for a couple of days, according to The Boston Globe.

"I just wasn’t quite getting loose the way I wanted to," Cameron told the Globe. "I guess this is the first sign of me getting a little bit older, just kind of listening to the body a little bit. I'll be fine. If I had to play a game, I could play a game. I just didn’t want to push it with the body just starting to get shocked into this.

"It does me no good to go out here and prove I can be an iron man on Feb. 28."

Manager Terry Francona told the media that it was mostly a precautionary move, saying it's "not something we want to make worse now."

Cameron played in 149 games for the Brewers last season after playing in just 120 in 2008 largely due to a 25-game suspension. Prior to that, he was fairly consistent, playing in 151 games in 2007 and 141 in 2006.

The Red Sox open their spring training schedule on Wednesday, with split-squad games against Northeastern University and Boston College.