NFL Hoping to Protect Long Snappers With New Rule


March 23, 2010

NFL Hoping to Protect Long Snappers With New Rule There is plenty on the owners' plates at the annual NFL meetings this week, and rule changes are always among the most gripping topics. is taking a look at some of the bigger talking points of the NFL owners meetings. We've already touched on the overtime rules, protecting defenseless receivers and helmet rules. Naturally, all eyes will be on the committee's discussion of changes to the overtime system, but that?s not all that?s up for debate. Also on the table is greater protection of long snappers.

Proposed Rule
No defensive players will be able to line up across from the long snapper on field goals, which is already a rule on punts. The idea is to keep long snappers safe because they begin the play with their head down in a defenseless position, and it takes a second for them to look up and gather themselves.

Will it Pass?
This has been in the works for a couple of years, and in part, it's already a rule. Yet, the competition committee has seen a slippage in the execution of the rule and is trying to get it back on track. In reality, defensive players aren?t allowed to line up within the full frame of the long snapper, but that rule has since been blurred. This proposition will probably pass, but it?s up to the league?s officials to really enforce it.

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