Patriots fans may not recognize the head coach on the Jets sideline when New England faces New York next season.

According to, Rex Ryan announced he has lost 40 pounds in three weeks in a recent appearance on NFL Network's Total Access.

Ryan underwent adjustable gastric band surgery, a procedure designed to treat obesity, just over two weeks ago. New York's head coach reportedly looked thinner as he shared his thoughts on Leon Washington's decision not to work out with the team and the Jets' new running back tandem of Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson.   

The Jets coach lost 20 pounds using a liquid diet, the New York Daily News reported in January. Ryan's liquid diet involved drinking milk shakes as substitutes for meals, including a vegetable shake with a yellow onion in it.

Ryan reportedly wasn't a big fan of the diet, but his family gave him the motivation to lose weight. 

"I want to see my kids grow. I want to see my grandkids," Ryan told the Daily News. "The thing that gets me is, my cholesterol is fine, my blood pressure is fine. I'm a genetic freak, I guess."