Broncos' Tim Tebow Already Appearing Lost Within First Hour As NFL Player Old pal Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos chose the chosen one himself, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, in the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday night.

Ok, so now what?

Tebow, whose college game may likely get stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey by NFL defenses, will have an interesting transition from Gator ball to Bronco ball.

Let’s hope the daily five liter dosage of hair gel holds up well in that thin air.

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Broncos' Tim Tebow Already Appearing Lost Within First Hour As NFL Player  

Quote of the day

“That’s just Tuukka. He’s been like that since he’s been with us. He’s just gotten
better with the opportunities he’s been given. And he’s very cool. He’s
very confident and technically very sound. All that put together makes
for a great goaltender.”
–Head coach Claude Julien, referring to Rask’s diving save on Wednesday

Comment of the day

According to this “scout,” the Patriots may have nabbed a first-round steal on Thursday.

“I live 15 minutes from Rutgers. Devin can play and Coach Bill is proven
again what a genious he is. This will be a great draft for the Pats. So
you morons that don’t have a clue about football go back to your
fantasy league and your fantasy life and leave the drafting to Bill,
–joe b.

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Another rain delay, another embarrassing dance off. Last year, we saw UConn and USF prove that they may have spent more time in the dance hall than on the diamond. This year, it’s FAU and Western Kentucky pulling off rain delay theatrics.

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