Doc Rivers Thinks of Rajon Rondo as Celtics’ Jason Varitek


April 27, 2010

Doc Rivers Thinks of Rajon Rondo as Celtics' Jason Varitek Rajon Rondo
officially has the respect of Celtics head coach Doc Rivers.

According to, Rivers considers Rondo to be the C's version of Jason Varitek, a confident play-caller who leads his team by example.

"He's light years [ahead of where he was], but a lot of that is just age, maturity," Rivers told the website. "I thought Game 3 was the best play-calling game in his career. He was like Varitek as far as calling the right pitch. He was phenomenal. That's where he?s improved."

Rondo is averaging 14.5 points and 9.8 assists in the first four games of Boston's Eastern Conference quarterfinal with the Heat, but Rondo has impressed his coach since the start of the season.

"He?s been terrific," Rivers said. "When everyone was injured, literally, Rondo had to do a lot of scoring. But since Ray [Allen] and Paul [Pierce] and Kevin [Garnett] are back and in rhythm, he's more of the facilitator. But he does the best job of a guy you could ask to do it. He's been huge in this series."

Rondo has won over other head coaches as well this season. The C's point guard made his first All-Star appearance, and even captured four votes for the NBA's Most Improved Player Award.

Rondo has thrived in his fourth season, but perhaps his greatest achievement has been earning Rivers' respect.

Rivers, a former All-Star point guard, likes his team's chances when Rondo's running the offense.

"He knows what I'm thinking," Rivers said. "He'll call a play, and you can sit down, and it's terrific."

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