Dr. Dre's Fenway Appearance Inspires Dope Red Sox-Themed Rhymes This may have slipped under the radar with all of the excitement about Opening Day between the Red Sox and Yankees, but there's an even bigger story about Sunday night at Fenway. Dr. Dre is coming to town.

"Beats by Dr. Dre" and Monster (a leading audio and video accessories company) have teamed up to offer to fans the first high-performance sports-themed headphones, and they're dropping on Sunday before the Sox-Yanks tilt. Dr. Dre, himself, the legendary rapper and producer, is even going to be in attendance and will take batting practice at America's Most Beloved Ballpark.

With Dre's appearance in Boston, it only seems appropriate to offer him some new Red Sox-appropriate lyrics for a couple of his finer songs.

Check out these dope rhymes, sung to the tune of "California Love," by 2Pac, featuring Dr. Dre. It'd be perfect for opening night at Fenway.

Beantown Love
Now let me welcome everybody to the wild AL East,
Where the Yanks and Sox rule and everyone else's least.
The O's and Jays are young, but the Rays could be a beast.
Tonight's the night, though, to let the top dogs feast.

Throw up a finger if you feel like you are down
Dr. Dre droppin' beats for B-E-A-N-town.

Or what about this little ditty (sung to the tune of "Gin and Juice," by Snoop Dogg — a song produced by Dr. Dre)?

Pitching and Defense
With so much drama in the F-E-N's
It's kinda hard being Theo E-P-S-T-E-I-N.
But somehow, someway,
He keeps coming up with roster-move hits like every single day.

He gave Lackey 80 million over five years
While the Sox let JayBay go despite plenty of tears
And now it's Opening Day and the fans are still moanin'
Cuz Josh Beckett ain't signed.

Theo's got Beltre and Cameron playin' the field
Hopin' they make no errors and never do yield.
Cuz what's he gonna do?
Got a rotation full of aces and the Yankees do too.

So turn on the lights and start the season.
This group of Sox, we sure hope they are pleasin'.
So we gonna see if Theo's philosophy's pure.
Sox up, Yanks down, or this year's gonna be tough to endure.

Rollin' down Lansdowne Street, hoping (pitching) … pitching and defense win.
Not laid back. (With his mind on his prospects and Adrian Gonzalez on his mind.)

Feel free to submit your own opening night rhymes. And maybe Dr. Dre will inspire the Red Sox to drop some beats down on the visiting Bronx Bombers.