Fans Would Rather See Tim Wakefield Starting Than Relieving When Daisuke Matsuzaka returns to the Red Sox rotation, Tim Wakefield is most likely the starter who will get booted to the bullpen.

But if the fans have anything to say about it, they want to see him stay in a starting role.

According to Friday’s kgb Poll Question, 75 percent of fans want to see Wakefield starting for the rest of this year, while just 15 percent are comfortable seeing him relegated to the bullpen.

Tom Caron and Jim Rice discussed on Friday’s edition of Red Sox Final.

“I’m more of a bullpen guy,” Rice said. “You see now that guys aren’t hitting the breaking ball. … When you go out and take batting practice, what do you see? You see the fastball. When you go to the batting cages or the batting machine, what do you see? Fastball. So no one really takes any time to hit breaking balls.”

Check out the video below for more from TC and Jim, and also to see which comments were read on the air.