Glen Davis’ Energetic Play Could Boost Celtics’ Bench in Playoffs


April 6, 2010

Glen Davis' Energetic Play Could Boost Celtics' Bench in Playoffs Glen Davis has seen a drop in his production this season, but according to, the forward formerly known as "Big Baby" still sees himself as a big contributor off the Boston bench.

The Celtics bench has struggled recently with poor performances from Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels, struggles that have knocked both of them out of the C's rotation. Davis has his work cut out for him, but he?s happy to be the high-energy guy on the Celtics.

"Last year, my role was to be a scorer, hit open jump shots," Davis told the Web site. "This year we have Rasheed Wallace, so I had to find another niche to be successful and to help our team, [a role] no one else can do. Being an energy guy is my role. It's good to know I can do other things, but you have to stay in your role and do what's best for the team."

Doc Rivers sees the 289-pound Davis as a spark plug that could ignite the Boston bench.

"When Baby plays with energy, he plays with less thought and great intensity," Rivers said. "He's a really good basketball player with an unbelievable basketball IQ. When he plays at that level, that speed, he's pretty good. But when he starts thinking and playing at the same time, he's not very good."

Davis has averaged 6.2 points in 17 minutes per game this season, and feels more playing time will lead to greater success both for himself and the team.

"I just gotta play," Davis said. "I'm more of a feel type of guy — an emotional type of guy. I have to go out there and play and have the mentality to play my game. No matter what Doc says, no matter what anyone else says. You listen to your teammates, you listen to your coaches, but you also have to go out there and be the player you are. That's what I'm trying to do."

Increasing Davis' playing time could give the Celtics a solid bench option, one that could rejuvenate the title hopes in Beantown.

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