Matt Cooke Knocked Out by Evander ‘Holyfield’ Kane


Hi, I’d like one large Bruins jersey, with ‘K-A-N-E’ and a No. 9 on the back. Thanks.

And thank you, Evander Kane. Thank you very, very much from everyone here in Boston.

The 18-year-old Thrashers youngsteris an honorary Bruin after issuing a one-hit wonder to Boston’s biggest enemy on Saturday night.


Kane knocked out Penguins’ forward Matt Cooke with a quick right hook that turned the goon into nothing more than a white, gold and black puddle in the middle of the Atlanta ice surface. Cooke remained unconscious until team doctors, trainers and EMTs (yes, the whole posse was on the scene for this one) arrived by his side.

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Matt Cooke Knocked Out by Evander 'Holyfield' Kane

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“It was a good feeling, us bench guys are sticking together. It was good for us to get a chance to play.”
Outfielder Jeremy Hermida, after hitting his first home run as a member of the Red Sox

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Michael Jordan and Spike Lee brought us “It’s gotta be the shoes!”

But one reader is thinking “It’s gotta be the pants!” after catcher Jason Varitek put on his homer trousers Saturday night. Needless to say, the Nation couldn’t be happier with the captain’s new look.

“Does anybody know why Tek was suddenly wearing LONG pants in last
night’s game? Never saw him do that before. Did he discover home run
magic in the new look?”

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