Mikey Adams: Celtics Get 'Hosed' Every Single Game by Officials Mikey Adams only had one thing to say in light of Kevin Garnett‘s postgame … exclamation following Boston’s loss to the Thunder on Wednesday night.

“I thought Michael Jordan‘s middle name was Jeffrey,” the NESN insider told Cole Wright.

In all seriousness, KG’s message has not been lost on many, and now, everyone wants to know: Is Kevin Durant really deserving of calls he seems to always get from the refs? 

“[The Celtics] get hosed every single game by the officials,” Mikey said on Thursday’s edition of “Take It or Leave It” on SportsDesk. “For some reason, there’s a lot of venom from the officials to the Celtics. It’s not good. Meanwhile, I don’t think a 21-year-old should get those calls.”

Plus, Mikey sounded off on Marc Savard‘s press conference prior to last Saturday’s game. The Bruins center doesn’t plan on forgiving Matt Cooke for concussing him any time soon; is he justified?

“I agree with him a hundred percent,” Mikey said of Savard. “First of all, you can die when [you get hit in the head]. Second of all, you definitely can lose some brain cells. This guy might have a hard time figuring out where his car’s parked in five or six years from the ramifications of that concussion.”

For more, check out the video below.