Need a Thin Stats Geek? Jonah Hill’s on Speed Dial


Need a Thin Stats Geek? Jonah Hill's on Speed Dial Comedian Jonah Hill is slated to throw out the first pitch in Sunday’s Red Sox-Rays game.

What the heck does a guy like Hill have to do with baseball?

Hill is slated to play the part of Oakland A’s assistant general manager Paul DePodesta in the upcoming movie adaptation of Moneyball.

Gee, is Hill really the best person to play the part of a thin stats geek?

A better part for Hill to play would be in a sequel to Baseketball where he brings a revolutionary new statistic to the game — shots made per beer drank. Now that’s a stats geek Hill can play.


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Need a Thin Stats Geek? Jonah Hill's on Speed Dial


“He started to talk to me, so I talked back. I don?t have any business
talking to [Paul Pierce]. He was on the ground crying. I don?t know what was
going on. Two actresses over there, that?s what they are.”
–Heat guard Quentin Richardson, on what sparked the brawl at the end of the first game in the Celtics-Heat playoff series


Run prevention was the mantra of the offseason, but the Red Sox haven’t gotten the memo. Despite boasting what could be the best defense in decades to play in Fenway, Boston made two more errors in Saturday’s game. The club has the fourth most errors in the AL through games played April 17.

“If we are to believe this run prevention stuff and drink Theo’s
Kool-Aid-they better put more sugar in it because it tastes a little
bitter right now.”


Jonah Hill appeared in Funny People, starring Adam Sandler. As part of the movie, Hill filmed a YouTube video of “cute, cuddly kittens” in an attempt to become popular. Something tells me the people searching for cute kittens on YouTube didn’t have Hill in mind.

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