NHL Draft Lottery Live Blog: Bruins Ready To Draft Second Overall After Oilers Win Lottery


NHL Draft Lottery Live Blog: Bruins Ready To Draft Second Overall After Oilers Win Lottery

8:58 p.m.: So the Bruins will pick second overall in the NHL Entry Draft, and while they obviously wanted the top pick, the second pick isn't too shabby.

As we've pointed out here, we believe Taylor Hall is what the Bruins need and they could still get. The Oilers are deep on the wing and need a center. The Bruins, meanwhile, are the opposite. They are loaded at center with David Krejci, Marc Savard and Patrice Bergeron. A sniper is what they need. 

But if Hall is taken by the Oilers, don't be surprised if GM Peter Chiarelli takes defenseman Cam Fowler. Just based on his track record and taste, he might be too tempted to pass on a highly skilled, puck-moving defenseman.

Well, thanks for joining us here and don't forget to check NESN.com for more post-draft lottery coverage!

8:35 p.m.: Cam Neely is giving the rundown on prospects and the draft lottery with Kathryn Tappen on NESN. Can you imagine if there was a power forward like Cam Neely available now?

Nonetheless, there is plenty of scoring available, and I just spoke with a scout who, like me, isn't completely convinced that Taylor Hall will go No.1. The Bruins could still get him!

"I am nowhere close to convinced that the Bruins will have to choose Seguin or Fowler. Hall could be there," one prominent NHL agent told NESN.com.

"If he is, the Bruins need to take this kid. He is Phil Kessel times three and minus the attitude or work-ethic problems."

8:20 p.m.: They just announced that the Oilers have won the draft lottery and will pick first overall and that the Boston Bruins will draft second.

The Islanders stay in the No. 5 slot. Columbus remains No. 4. The Florida Panthers are No. 3. 

It's interesting that the teams in the top five spots all matched their finish in the standings. While everyone wants Taylor Hall to be a Bruin, the Oilers will have the chance to prevent that from happening.

But that won't definitely be the case. Scouts have said that Edmonton needs a center like Seguin more than a wing like Hall and they definitely have loads of young and talented wingers, like Ales Hemsky just to name one.

Taylor Hall to the Bruins still could happen, but if the Oilers trade this pick, that could all change. 

8:16 p.m.: Taylor Hall wears No. 4 for Bruins legend Bobby Orr and he acknowledged he'd love to go to the Bruins. Interestingly enough, Bobby Orr's agency represents Hall. That should be a smooth negotiation on his entry-level contract. 

8:07 p.m.: The NHL Draft Lottery Show has begun on Versus and the GMs with a chance at the top pick are speaking with James Duthie of TSN. Peter Chiarelli just spoke and said while he envisioned it, he didn't know if this moment would ever come. It's here folks! For a recap, stay here and also check out NESN's Draft Lottery special at 8:30!

Interesting how the actual lottery is done in New York City and not in Toronto where the GM's and this show is being broadcast. Could some fishy business go on in NYC? 

7:56 p.m.: While the Central Scouting Bureau had Tyler Seguin ranked first in their final predraft rankings last week, the boys over at TSN think otherwise and have Taylor Hall. Here's my top three rankings based on conversations with scouts, coaches, junior hockey executives … and, more importantly, watching all three during the World Junior Championships.

1. Taylor Hall – Appears to be the most NHL-ready and is also capable of making a crucial impact on the success of whatever team drafts him during his rookie season. Hall lives up to the hype and while he needs some work on his defensive game, he's in great shape and ready for the NHL. I'm sure Claude Julien can help him out on the defensive end.

2. Tyler Seguin — Seguin could and probably will make his team in his rookie season but (and this is no knock on him) he is probably more in the category of Colorado's Matt Duchene. But while he doesn't have the explosiveness of Hall, Seguin will probably have more of an all-around impact and be a better leader down the line. Many have compared him to Steve Yzerman in that regard and I'd like to also throw Patrice Bergeron in as another comparison. But the Bruins have that player in Bergeron. What they need is a pure sniper like Hall.

3. Cam Fowler — Fowler is the prototypical puck-moving D-man that Chiarelli has proven to covet and will always covet. That's why the GM may not be as upset as everyone thinks if the Bruins fall to third overall because he could get his type of player. Fowler, like Hall, needs some fine-tuning on his defensive game but this kid can thread the neutral zone and use the stretch pass to perfection. He would be no small consolation.

Also, sources have told NESN.com that the Bruins are "in love" with Moncton defenseman Brandon Gormley, who, according to some scouts, is more "complete" than Fowler. So keep an eye on him if the Bruins pick at No. 3.

7:31 p.m.: It's a bit off topic — but not really because if the Bruins win this lottery, he could be feeding Taylor Hall — but TSN is reporting that Marc Savard could be back for the second round of the playoffs.

One can only imagine what that would do for this offensively starved Bruins squad and also what a Savard-Hall combo would be like. Based on what I've been told by scouts and what I've seen myself, that tandem would be even better than Phil Kessel and Savard.

7:10 p.m.: It's going to not only be interesting to see who will pick where when this lottery is done but also what teams do with their picks once they know where they will be drafting. 

There have been numerous rumors recently that the Oilers will entertain offers for the No. 1 pick of they win the lottery and also some whispers that the Bruins might trade their other first-round pick if they draft first or second overall.

Remember the Bruins almost had a deal completed last June at the draft in Montreal that would've netted them defenseman Tomas Kaberle. Kaberle is in the last year of his contract now and the belief is that the Bruins still have interest and Leafs GM Brian Burke will move him to move up in the draft. Sources told NESN.com that Kaberle's agent approached Peter Chiarelli at the deadline, letting him know that Burke was willing to revisit their Kaberle talks. But at that point Chiarelli balked because of his salary-cap constraints. Wonder if these talks are rekindled in the near future?

6:24 p.m.: We're getting closer to the NHL draft lottery in Toronto where ping-pong balls will decide the future of the Bruins and 13 other NHL clubs.

Speaking of that, what are your thoughts on the Bruins' chances at Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall being decided by the bounce of tiny, little ping-pong balls? Larry Brooks, longtime Rangers and NHL columnist for the New York Post thinks some changes need to be made as teams can take advantage of this system. I'd have to say, I'm a bit on his side. But of course we all may not care if the Bruins end up picking first or second overall.

2:06 p.m.: The events that take place on Tuesday night will go a long way toward shaping the Bruins organization for the next decade.

It may sound like hyperbole, but there's no overstating the importance of Tuesday night's NHL draft lottery.

The drawing will take place on Tuesday night, and NESN.com will have updates throughout the night and, of course, the results when the come in around 8 p.m.

The odds are in the Bruins' favor, as they have a 60.8 percent chance of obtaining a top-two pick in the upcoming draft, thanks to the pick they acquired from Toronto in the Phil Kessel trade. Included in those odds is an 18.8 percent chance that the Bruins end the night with the No. 1 overall pick.

The two gentlemen you see in the photo are Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall, widely regarded as the surefire picks in the top two spots. Where will the two end up? We should have a good idea by the end of the night.

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