Pierre Woods has fought for a roster spot in New England. According to the Boston Herald, the linebacker gets his strength from his mother.

"She’s a strong woman," Woods told the Herald. "To see her go through what she’s going through and put everything in God’s hands, it’s very inspirational."

Woods’ mother, Jacqueline Tatum, has shown her strength in her battle against cancer. Since being diagnosed with cancer last summer, Tatum has had a mastectomy and endured months of chemotherapy. Through it all, she’s grown closer to her son. 

Their bond has given Woods a positive outlook on the world, one that is more important than any football game.

"If my mama calls me, I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do," Woods said. "You only get one mother on this earth."

Tatum gives her son the support he needs to succeed — not only on the football field, but in any situation.

"I got his support 100 percent," Tatum said. "But he also has mine."

Woods had the chance to show his support last month when his mother, weakened by chemotherapy treatments, crashed into a glass table. Remarkably, Tatum suffered only a scratch.

The incident has helped Woods and his mother maintain their positive outlooks, and together, they believe they can conquer any battle.