Ray Allen Disappointed in Boston Fans’ Booing on Friday Night


Apr 12, 2010

Ray Allen Disappointed in Boston Fans' Booing on Friday Night Anyone in attendance of the Celtics' loss to the Wizards on Friday night knows that there was plenty of disappointment to go around.

For starters, the team was obviously disappointed by the beatdown being given to them by the Wizards, a team with the third fewest wins in the NBA. The fans, many of whom paid a dollar or two for a seat at the game, were a bit disappointed as well. As a result, they launched boos down upon the court to let the home team know that its collective effort was unacceptable.

Yet every decision has a consequence, and in making the decision to boo the Celtics, the fans brought about a feeling of — you guessed it — disappointment in the players.

"It's disappointing anytime your home fans boo," Ray Allen said on WEEI on Monday. "Obviously, nobody on the team wants to lay an egg out there on the floor."

Whether the Celtics wanted to lay an egg or not didn't matter. What did matter was that they were getting whooped every way possible, but Allen said that the booing never helps.

"The one thing I would say is it's so much easier for us when the fans encourage us," he said on The Dale and Holley Show. "Booing's hard [to take], but at the end of the day, we have to go out and do our job."

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