Report: Jets Already Showing Interest in Adalius Thomas


April 27, 2010

Report: Jets Already Showing Interest in Adalius Thomas In signing the likes of Antonio Cromartie and Santonio Holmes this offseason, and in signing on to be profiled on HBO's Hard Knocks, the Jets have shown that they're not really afraid of taking on added distractions. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that head coach Rex Ryan is already showing interest in linebacker Adalius Thomas, who was cut Monday by the Patriots after a tumultuous season in New England.

According to, the Jets' interest in Thomas is in the early stages, but there's plenty of reason to believe a Thomas-Jets marriage is in the cards this spring. It starts with Ryan, who was Thomas' defensive coordinator in Baltimore in 2005 and '06. Those were two of Thomas' most productive seasons, as he made a career-high 11 sacks in '06 and recorded more tackles in each season than any other.

Then there's Thomas' former teammate Bart Scott, who caused a ruckus earlier in the offseason when he said the following:

"I was hanging with Adalius Thomas for Super Bowl weekend. We're buddies from back in the day. He made it public that he's expressed an interest in joining Rex. I think some of his better years of his career have been a part of the Ravens defense and under Rex Ryan's tutelage. It'll be exciting."

Thomas later denied Scott's claim, but it simply made too much sense to be completely fabricated. Plus, Bart Scott would never say anything just to get his name in headlines, would he?

The final and most compelling reason the Jets could bring in Thomas — who signed a five-year, $35 million contract in 2007 — is that the team has shown a willingness to go after the big names in their first season in the new stadium by signing LaDainian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor. Patriots fans likely wouldn't put Thomas on any list of superstars, but Rex Ryan is a man of conviction, and if he thinks he can recapture the glory days with A.D. Licious, there's not much that can stop him.

With no salary cap in 2010 and an uncertain labor situation in 2011, the Jets can afford the risk.

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