Sabres Fans Offer Consolation Prize to Bruins During Playoff Opener Losing in the playoffs is tough to swallow, but it has to feel good to have the opposing team’s fans trying to make you feel better.

That’s what happened in Buffalo on Thursday night. When the Bruins trailed late in the third period, a Buffalo fan reminded the Bruins that the offseason isn’t so bad by holding up a banner that read: “Golf is fun too.”

Was it some premature celebration on the part of the Sabres fan? That’s up for the Bruins to decide.

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Sabres Fans Offer Consolation Prize to Bruins During Playoff Opener

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“It’s like Christmas with all these guys.”
–Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, on the offseason acquisitions made by the team

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While some New Englanders are excited at the prospect of a Jersey Shore-type show coming to Cape Cod, others believe that the khaki short-wearing crowd of fathers and children may not make for the most compelling TV show.

“The biggest problem I see with this follow up to Jersey Shore is that Cape Cod, in the last 20 years, has become a total family vacation spot. Having grown up here and witnessed the party leave the Cape, I can only imagine that these poor cast members will have to pick fights with fathers on vacation, or children. While I love it here, and wouldn’t prefer the tough shores of Jersey, at least they provide a chance for drama. I’m affraid this show will simply die from a starvation of interest.”

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Say what you will about those wily Canucks, but don’t say they don’t know how to celebrate a penalty called on the other team.

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