Tedy Bruschi's Marathon Team Running to Raise Awareness for Stroke Among all of the groups running to raise awareness during Monday’s Boston Marathon, Tedy’s Team is sure to stand out.

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, who retired prior to the 2009 season, is running in the name of raising money for stroke awareness. Bruschi had a stroke shortly after he played in the Pro Bowl in 2005 but still returned to play for New England the following season.  

“That’s what’s so special about Tedy’s Team, is that every one of my runners has a connection to stroke — whether they’re stroke survivors or they’re running for their stroke heroes,” Bruschi told NESN’S Kathryn Tappen on Friday’s edition of SportsDesk

Bruschi believes that running for the cause, which he and all his team members are so passionate about, will motivate them to finish the 26.2-mile race.

“One day you’re the same, and the next day you’re different,” Bruschi said. “So it takes away a lot of things from you.”

For more information on Tedy’s Team, check out the video below.