Bruins Must Avoid Flyers' Agitation, Stay Disciplined As the Bruins prepared for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley took a look at the chippiness that has characterized this series on Bruins Face-Off Live.

“I don’t think there will be much carryover,” Brickely said of the instigating that has gone on so far. “[The Bruins will] have to have patience.They want to be a lot more aggressive than they were in Game 5 and be more physical. They want to up that determination level, but they have to stay disciplined.

“You drop the puck to start the game, and everything is behind you.”

Kathryn Tappen agreed, saying that despite all the agitation so far, nothing has boiled over yet. Barry Pederson thinks the Bruins will be able to tune out the Flyers.

“The Bruins want to go on the road and play a simple game — a disciplined game,” he said.

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