Chad Ochocinco Gets Sacked From 'Dancing With the Stars' Looks like its back to funny celebrations and losing football games for Bengals wide receiver and ballroom bad boy Chad Ochocinco.

The Pro Bowler was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night after making it into the final four.

He and his partner Cheryl Burke became the 100th team to be eliminated since DWTS began.

"This was awesome," he said after the defeat. "I enjoyed the journey. I met some wonderful people. I got some great criticism that's only made me a stronger man. In my eyes I've already won."

"[He is] the most humble guy you'll ever meet," said Burke. "The most amazing, soft, gentle man in the world."

Soft and gentle? Isn't that what defensive backs say about old twinkle toes also?

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Chad Ochocinco Gets Sacked From 'Dancing With the Stars'    

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"We've got bigger goals. Winning a championship. Even though this is a nice streak we have
going, we don't settle on just what we've done right now. There's such
a big picture to what we're trying to do. Just being a group that's won
a championship, that knows what it takes, that's been to the
mountaintop. … These games are meaningful, and we're happy to win
them, but we know what our ultimate goal is."
Paul Pierce, after Tuesday night's win

Comment of the day

You can probably call this a "Dear Mike" letter.

"Dear Mr.
Lowell, If you should ever read these comments, know that you are my
favorite Red Sox, in the dugout or on the field. One of the things you
do best is to deliver. Whenever the team was in a slump, you always
found a way to dig deep and get that double, drive home that run, and
win. You always could steady the ship, even when it was running
aground. So lately the Red Sox are losing a lot, and doing it without
you. And this fan, who does not know where all her favorite Red Sox
went to, knows why. It is not a team on the field but a collection of
players. Maybe each and every one has immense talent, but they seem
more like employees than a tour deforce. A revolving pool of talent. I
can barely watch anymore. Quite honestly, I would rather see the Sox I
came to love lose than watch all the new kids try to win. There is this
rule about pruning trees…never trim more than one-quarter of the
crown in any single season. Someone, it seems, is getting a little too
happy with the shears.
Whatever happens, I want to wish you the very best of luck. You made the game fun. Thanks."


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I wonder how this Flyers fan is doing today, after his team just went up 2-0 in the conference finals.

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