Competition Getting Serious in Round 3 Matchups of Boston's Biggest Sports Legend The 64 candidates in the original field were all worthy members of Boston sports lore. The remaining 16 are the cream of the crop.

There were a few tight races in the second round, but each and every matchup in Round 3 should be epic.

Though all four top seeds advanced with ease into Round 3, the field is narrowing. Now, you’ll have Bill Belichick paired up with Carl Yastrzemski and John Havlicek going head-to-head with Ray Bourque, among others. Oh, and how’s this for greatness: Bobby Orr vs. Cy Young.

By the end of the week, the field of 64 will be down to just eight. Who gets there is up to you.

The Round 3 matchups are below:

1. Tom Brady vs. 5. Phil Esposito

2. Larry Bird vs. 3. Cam Neely

1. Bill Russell vs. 5. Adam Vinatieri

2. Carl Yastrzemski vs. 3. Bill Belichick

1. Bobby Orr vs. 13. Cy Young

2. Ray Bourque vs. 3. John Havlicek

1. Ted Williams vs. 4. Carlton Fisk

2. Red Auerbach vs. 3. David Ortiz

Vote for your picks. The third-round polls close Monday, May 17, at 12 p.m. ET.