Celtics Fan Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Jason Williams, Orlando Magic the Jarhead Jinx

by abournenesn

May 23, 2010

Celtics Fan Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Jason Williams, Orlando Magic the Jarhead JinxThere’s no Magic left in this Orlando squad and now they have to deal with the Prince of Persia breathing down their necks.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal was court-side for Boston’s 94-71 crushing of Orlando at the TD Garden on Saturday to watch the C’s build a 3-0 series lead in the East Finals.

So what was it: The Brokeback blowout, the Jarhead jinx, the Bubble Boy bashing, or my favorite, the Donnie Darko disaster?

For the record, he was cheering for the C’s and is looking to see a Boston-L.A. showdown.

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Celtics Fan Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Jason Williams, Orlando Magic the Jarhead Jinx

Quote of the day

“Tonight the defense behind me, a lot of hard-hit balls were turned into outs and they made a lot of tough plays, so I thought to myself if it’s going to happen, it’s going to be on a night like this.”
–Daisuke Matsuzaka, referring to his near no-hitter

Comment of the day

The Boston sports fan, according to a West Coast member of Red Sox Nation.

“Let me
break it down to u. Based on my observation, there are basically 3
types of fans in Boston. You have your adult, fair weather and your
said drunken college fan. The Adult fan has 2 classes within…Blue
collar and White collar. The Blue Collar adults and the drunken college
in/out of state fans tend to be the A-holes amongst the group. The fair
weather and the White collar groups tend either, not really give a crap
and are just fans to say that they are fans, or are usually fans but
are pretty mellow and/or are the “Good” fans. The Blue Collar fans are
the most passionate, but sometimes, their ignorance, egocentricity, not
traveling anywhere outside of Mass for most of their lives (and/or
about 8 Buds Lights before the game) gets the best of them. LOL!
So Jared, my advice is that if you don’t want to see the typical Boston
A-hole fan, then you should probably stay away from the college area
(Brighton & Allston), the really drunk Blue collar guys and
especially the fair weather fans just because they’re fair weather
fans! LOL. That’s pretty much impossible since it’s the majority and
not the minority in Boston. LOL.”

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It’s almost time for thousands of crazy fans to say goodbye to a dear friend.

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