John Havlicek the Lone Upset in Round 3 of Boston’s Biggest Sports Legend


May 17, 2010

The third round of Boston’s Biggest Sports Legend brought some serious, heavyweight matchups, and all but one favorite was able to hold their ground.

The lone upset came in the matchup of second-seeded Raymond Jean Bourque and third-seeded John Havlicek. The Celtics’ great stole the ball, and he stole the third-round matchup, garnering 52.25 percent of fans’ votes.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick put up a fight in his matchup with Carl Yastrzemski, but Yaz pulled away with 58 percent of the votes. That was despite the best efforts of, which made its best effort via Twitter to get The Hooded One into the next round.

And when it came to blowouts, Ted Williams walked away with the biggest. Teddy Ballgame received 95.8 percent of votes in his matchup with Carlton Fisk.

The complete results from Round 3 are below, and the matchups in the field of eight can be found by clicking here.

1. Tom Brady vs. 5. Phil Esposito
Tom Brady (71.8 percent)

2. Larry Bird vs. 3. Cam Neely
Larry Bird (80.5 percent)

1. Bill Russell vs. 5. Adam Vinatieri
Bill Russell (90.74 percent)

2. Carl Yastrzemski vs. 3. Bill Belichick
Carl Yastrzemski (57.95 percent)

1. Bobby Orr vs. 13. Cy Young
Bobby Orr (86.75 percent)

2. Ray Bourque vs. 3. John Havlicek
John Havlicek (52.21 percent)

1. Ted Williams vs. 4. Carlton Fisk
Ted Williams (95.8 percent)

2. Red Auerbach vs. 3. David Ortiz
Red Auerbach (85.31 percent)

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