Jordan Romero, 13, Becomes Youngest Mountaineer to Climb Mt. Everest

by NESN Staff

May 22, 2010

Jordan Romero, 13, Becomes Youngest Mountaineer to Climb Mt. Everest Step aside, Temba Tsheri.

Not following? Tsheri’s claim to fame was trumped this week when American Jordan Romero became the youngest to climb Mt. Everest at age 13.

Romero reached the summit with his father and three Sherpa guides and is looking to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents.

Tsheri, of Nepal, was 16 at the time. Cue the “U.S.A.!” chants.

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Jordan Romero, 13, Becomes Youngest Mountaineer to Climb Mt. Everest

Quote of the day

“I know he had five tonight. It?s not like he?s wild. Sometimes you have to attribute it to who you?re facing and then
the situation of the game when you don?t want to give in. He missed
pitches but not by much. Sometimes that?s the difference between having
a good line when you?re leaving the game and one that doesn’t look like
–Terry Francona, referring to John Lackey’s wild night on the mound

Comment of the day

Thanks for your thoughts, Yankee fan.

“As a Yankee fan and baseball nut I wish that the Red Sox season wasn’t
already over, but it is.
If you don’t want the harsh cold reality spelled out for you and don’t
want it spelled out for you in simple and logical terms than quit
reading now.
The Red Sox were given an incredibly easy schedule to start the season
and they blew their chance at contending with the bad start. They’ll be
no fun for anyone to play this year and finish over .500 but they
aren’t going anywhere this season. Here’s why:
It will take at least 95 wins to make the postseason in the Al this
The Red Sox have been woeful on the road the last two seasons at 39-42.
They are now 8-10 on the road this year. They have 63 road games
remaining and unfortunately for them 9 are at Tampa Bay, 7 are at
Yankee Stadium,3 at Texas, and 2 more in Philly as well as three West
Coast swings remaining totalling 22 games including a brutal 10 game
swing in late July. That represents 43 hard road games of the 63 road
games they have left. Now lets say for best case scenario purposes that
the Red Sox actually reverse their road record trend, even in the face
of all those hard road games left, and wind up going 41-40 on the road
this year. That would mean that they would come home 33-30 on the road
in the remaining games. They have 22 wins right now so those added 33
wins on the road would give them 56 wins.
To get to 95 wins they would have to come home 39-17 at home.
I just don’t see how this is possible guys. They are 14-11 at home now.
What are the chances that they play .700 home baseball from here on in?
Thats what 39-17 baseball is, .700.
To get to 95 wins they would need to play .700 baseball at home and
reverse a long trend of playing sub .500 road baseball.
I don’t see how EITHER is possible and they will most likely end up at
something around 84-78.
I’m not gloating, because that 4 game series in Yankee Stadium thats
held every August is usually the most fun of any part of summer
I’m just being realistic here and pointing out the obvious.”

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Here’s a pretty nice shot by Dude Perfect. If you asked me, a dunk would have been better.

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