LeBron James Now Bound for New York Knicks?


May 14, 2010

LeBron James Now Bound for New York Knicks? Let the speculation begin.

LeBron James could be done in Cleveland after he and the Cavs got outplayed by the Boston Celtics in a 94-85 Boston win. It eliminated the Cavaliers from the playoffs, and it was the final game for which LeBron is under contract with Cleveland.

Now a free agent, the options are plenty, and LeBron wouldn't say whether he'd be staying in Ohio or leaving for greener pastures.

"I want to win. That's my only thing, my only concern," he said in his postgame news conference. "I've always prided myself … it's all about winning for me, and I think the Cavs are committed to doing that. But at the same time, I've given myself options to this point."

In New York, 8 million people await that decision.

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LeBron James Now Bound for New York Knicks?

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"I don?t know about history and all that, really, but we just don?t want to be golfing after this game."
–Bruins defenseman Dennis Wideman, to NESN.com, on the Bruins' chances of becoming just the third NHL team to ever lose a best-of-seven series after taking a 3-0 lead

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So, uhh, I guess it's safe to say we know who "Broncobob" is NOT voting for in Boston's Biggest Sports Legend.

"Why was Williams hated by the media of his day? He was all about Ted. He spat at fans, He would not run in the outfield. He refused to play his final three games just so he could say he hit a homer in his "last" game. Ted's teams never won. Ted was a Me, First guy. He paved the way for clowns like Benedict Arnold Bourque, who went further and left his team to get a trophy. … PS Ray Bourque was TOLD by management to give up his Number Seven jersey. It was not Ray's idea. If Ray was truly classy, he would have refused to wear it from the very beginning. Benedict Arnold Bourque. … Ray is the only Captain-Traitor in Boston Sports History! He was quiet for years when management was too cheap to get the depth the team needed. When he aged, he begged to be traded to a contender, as payment for his silence, rather than make Boston a contender. Ray ran away. Wahhhhh. He became an Avalanche and played with a goalie most hated by Bruins fans, Patrick Roy. Havlicek battled to the end for his team. Unlike Ray, he did not disappear in the playoffs."

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In a series that involved LeBron, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Shaquille O'Neal and Rajon Rondo, go figure that Tony Allen is the one who creates the most memorable highlight.

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