Manny Pacquiao will be lacing up the gloves this fall, regardless of any new title he may earn this week in his come country.

Arguably the greatest pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Pacquiao is seeking a seat in the Philippine Congress, where he is reportedly in a tight race with Roy Chiongbian, who is seeking the seat currently filled by his brother, who is stepping down after nine years because of term limits. 

Whether Pacman wins or loses his political race, he'll be ready to go for a November bout.

"Regardless of what happens, if he wins or loses, we’re still planning on November," Top Rank Inc.’s Bob Arum said in an interview on Sunday.

All eyes are on Floyd Mayweather Jr., but if that bout doesn’t happen, Pacquiao will probably face Mexican Antonio Margarito "or somebody else," according to Arum.

But if Mayweather-Pacquiao doesn't happen, don't point fingers towards the Phillipino's corner, says Arum.

"It will be because of Mayweather, not Pacquiao," Arum said. "The one thing he wants, that I want and all of us want, is to do this fight. I hope when we sit with the Mayweather people, that they have a similar sense of where we are."