Peter Gammons: As Many as 'Eight or Nine Teams' Interested in Mike Lowell If Mike Lowell is serious about seeking a better situation than the one he finds himself in at Fenway Park, he may have some options.

NESN insider Peter Gammons reported on Wednesday's edition of Red Sox GameDay Live that there could be as many as "eight or nine teams" that are interested in acquiring the veteran third baseman.

Gammons also indicated that Lowell — who told the media prior to Tuesday's game that he has, at times, pondered asking for his release from Boston — and his agents, Seth and Sam Levinson, have been "trying to work out a deal," or are at least exploring the options. And while the interest in Lowell's services seems to be high, there is one hitch in the plan: Even if Lowell leaves Boston, he is likely to find himself stuck in a backup role elsewhere.

One place that might make sense for Lowell is the place he spent the majority of his formative years: Florida. Gammons said that Lowell, who won a championship with the Marlins in 2003, could be invaluable as a backup for Gaby Sanchez. On top of that, Lowell has proven over the years to be a great influence in the clubhouse, and in light of the drama surrounding disgruntled superstar Hanley Ramirez, Lowell's veteran presence could be exactly what the Marlins' clubhouse needs.

Lowell has played in just 21 games this year, posting a .259 batting average with one homer and nine RBIs.