Popular Video Game Pac-Man Celebrates 30th Anniversary


May 21, 2010

Popular Video Game Pac-Man Celebrates 30th Anniversary Friday is the 30th anniversary of the timeless video game Pac-Man.

Unfortunately for the stocky yellow circle with an appetite, more people know Manny Pacquiao as Pac Man these days despite being one year older.

One wonders how well the two would do against each other if Pacquaio attempted to play Pac Man at his game, and how Pac Man would do in the boxing ring.

It’s safe to say that Pacquaio would dominate in the boxing ring. The original Pac-Man is quite the eater, but he can only make 90-degree turns and while fast, he simply won’t be fast enough for Pacquaio’s lightning strikes and ability to easily dodge the clutches of the chomper that is Pac-Man. (Check out how Pac-Man acts in real life.)

On the other hand, if Pacquaio was to step into the game and attempt to outrun ghosts while eating white dots … he might struggle. Not only is the best pound-for-pound fighter quite thin and perhaps without the stomach to devour many dots in a short period of time, his game isn’t conducive to marathon running.

We’ll call this a draw for now.

You can play the original Pac-Man game on Google all day Friday. Just don’t let your boss catch you.

Image of PacMan courtesy of YouTube.

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Popular Video Game Pac-Man Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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