Tony Massarotti Picks Tom Brady Over Larry Bird in Boston’s Biggest Sports Legend Tournament


Tony Massarotti Picks Tom Brady Over Larry Bird in Boston's Biggest Sports Legend Tournament Larry Legend or Tom Terrific?

That’s like asking where will LeBron James end up next season?

Thankfully for sports fans near and far, NESN insider Tony Massarotti stopped by SportsDesk to help answer both of those riddles on Monday.

Now that James’ season is officially over, the rumor mill is starting to circulate about where he’ll end up in 2010-11.

Could he really find himself in Chicago — possibly with Derek Rose and John Calipari?

Massarotti thinks that maybe there’s a shot.

“I just think that if he wanted to re-sign in Cleveland, he would have already done so,” Mazz told Cole Wright. “[The Cavs] can offer him the most money, he’s from there — those things aren’t going to change. LeBron wants out because he wants to go somewhere he thinks he can win.”

Speaking of winning, the Celtics took Game 1 against Orlando on Sunday, but do they have enough juice to get to the NBA Finals?

“I’ve been wrong just about every postseason series thus far with regard to Boston teams, so I am going to go with the Celtics at this stage,”  Mazz said. “I just like the way they match up against Orlando. … The Celtics, to me, look like they’re playing as well as they have in a long, long time.”

Moving along to the Red Sox, the local nine have had their fair share of difficulties so far this season, but two players in particular are raising the most eyebrows in the Nation. Which is more worrisome — the fact that Victor Martinez was hitting .229 entering Monday’s showdown in New York, or the fact that Josh Beckett is sporting a bloated 7.46 ERA?

“I think [Beckett’s] going to get out of it and I think he’s going to be fine,” Mazz said. “With Martinez, what I’m concerned about is that because he’s had to invest so much energy on the defensive side of it, I wonder if the Red Sox are going to get the hitter they want there and the hitter they expected to be the No. 3 guy in the lineup. I’m extremely concerned there.”

For more on whether the Bruins’ collapse was worse than New York’s in 2004, and for Mazz’s Final Four in Boston’s Biggest Sports Legend tournament (which pits Tom Brady against Larry Bird) check out the video below.

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