Bobby Orr Keeps Streak Alive as Greatest 'Bob' Since Sliced Bread Want your son to grow up to be a legend? Name him Robert, shorten to Bob and call him Bobby.

The list of famous Bobs is longer than the time it will take BP to clean up the oil spill along the Gulf Coast.

Here’s a small sampling.

Robert De Niro

Robert Duvall

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Redford

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Ritchie (Kid Rock)

Roberto Clemente

Bob Barker

Bob Eubanks

Bob Gibson

Bob Hope

Bob Newhart

Bob Saget

Bob Seger

Bob Uecker

Bob Lanier

Bob Costas

Bob Cousy

Bob Marley

Bob Wiley

Bob Vila

Bob Dole

Bob’s Big Boy

Billy Bob Thornton

Silent Bob

Bobby Kennedy

Bobby Layne

Bobby Thompson

Bobby Jones

Bobby Knight

Bobby McGee

Bobby Flay

Bobby Seale

Bobby Fischer

Ricky Bobby

It goes on and on. But the greatest Bobby of them all? When it comes to sports legends in Boston, it’s none other than Bobby Orr.

So next time you’re considering names for your newborn baby boy, keep it simple. Bob might not be the most creative name in the book. But if you want that boy to be the best in his field, a Hall of Famer who dates supermodels, revolutionizes sports, changes the world, entertains the masses, makes boatloads of money, becomes immortal or just goes down in history as one cool dude, it’s not a bad choice.