Finding separation between receiver and defender came easy for football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman and former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

But separating oil from water in the Gulf of Mexico? Sure, they can do that, too.

The two former NFL stars, along with ocean explorer Jean-Michel Coustea, took part in a press conference last week to discuss their involvement in a company called Ecosphere Technologies.

"We can be on site within 72 hours, cleaning water," Bledsoe said during the news conference, according to Ecosphere. "This is not technology sitting on the shelf waiting for a disaster. This is technology out in the field satisfying contracts for well over a year, so it’s proven. When you watch it, it is magic seeing dirty, nasty water go in one end and then crystal, clean water out the other end."

The process is flawless, according to Bledsoe, who had 251 career passing touchdowns and 206 career interceptions.

"[BP's chemical dispersant] keeps it underwater and out of sight, out of mind, which we don't think is the long-term answer," said Bledsoe. "It just keeps the oil in the water. What we're proposing is using our technology to help get the oil to the surface in a more contained environment, so we can more efficiently strip the oil out of the water."

Unlike actor Kevin Costner's centrifuges, Ecosphere's "Ozonix" machines use "ultrasonic transducers and acoustic cavitation to create millions of microbubbles that rapidly transport the oil to the water’s surface in a focused containment zone for non-chemical separation."