Claude Julien Doesn’t Rule Out Possibility of Tyler Seguin Playing Wing for Bruins

Claude Julien Doesn't Rule Out Possibility of Tyler Seguin Playing Wing for Bruins LOS ANGELES — Head coach Claude Julien was in a dapper mood after watching his team select Tyler Seguin with the second overall pick at the 2010 NHL draft Friday night. Julien likes the offensive skills that Seguin brings and he's looking forward to seeing his newest forward play in person.

"He's a highly skilled player and we know he can definitely bring some offense to our game," Julien said moments after the momentous selection. "Again, I've seen him on video but I haven't really seen him play [in person], but we're going to get a chance to see that in about two weeks at our development camp. It will be nice to see him live and at the same time, we'll look at where he can fit."

Of course, there has been plenty of speculation that with so much depth at center, the Bruins may ask Seguin to start off on the wing. Julien didn't do anything to douse the speculative fire.

"The one thing we know about Tyler — and he's been pretty open about that — is that he can play center and he can play wing," Julien said. "We'll wait and see what the puzzle ends up being and where he fits in after maybe another month or so."

As Julien pointed out, plenty of things can happen between now and the development camp, and that will have an effect on where Seguin winds up in the lineup.

"There's obviously free-agent signings, a lot of things going on. There are still trades that could happen," Julien said. "We're going to wait and see where the team sits in about a month from now. Then we'll be able to get a better idea on where we want to put him. There's no doubt that everybody seems to think he'll be able to make the jump right away."

Julien has been trying to keep track of what has already been and will continue to be a very busy offseason for the Bruins. But all he can do is mix and match lines and defensive pairings and let general manager Peter Chiarelli, president Cam Neely and the team brass take care of the rest.

"I got a whole pad that will be ready to look at and it keeps changing," Julien said with a laugh when asked if he has his mind spinning on possible lineup scenarios. "It has been [active] and obviously, without a good number of free agents out there this year, you're going to see more trades than free-agent signings. At the same time, it's a situation where teams have to deal with cap issues, and thank God it's not my problem. My problem is I have to get the most out of them and that's something I always try to do.

"It will be a good challenge for us this year because we'll probably have some younger faces in the lineup," Julien continued. "That will hopefully give us that energy level, but at the same time, it's a challenge for us because the experience is always huge when it comes to winning. But we feel pretty good about what we've got draft-wise, depth-wise and what's about to come."