New Hampshire Motor Speedway Takes Center Stage in June The largest sporting venue in New England isn’t in the heart of Boston or in Foxboro.

It’s in New Hampshire, and it’s about to get its biggest month of the year underway.

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway hosts the NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint Cup series at the end of the June, welcoming some of the biggest names in the sport to town for this exciting time.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway general manager and executive vice president Jerry Gappens stopped by Monday’s edition of SportsDesk to talk about what makes NASCAR so unique in today’s sports landscape.

“We’re just supposed to put some technicolor in black-and-white lives,” Gappens told NESN’s Jade McCarthy. “It’s fun because autoracing is exciting, it’s fast-paced, it’s colorful … and the best part is we’ve got tremendous fans who come from all over the country and up into Canada who come and support it.”

NASCAR has more in common with the other major sports than you’d expect — especially when it comes to pregame celebration rituals.

“In football, people come before and tailgate for three or four hours,” Gappens said. “At our place, they’ll come and tailgate for three or four days. … They have a great time, and fans are very passionate about their drivers.”

Despite popular belief, there is a lot of strategy that goes into autoracing; it’s not just about circling the track and hoping to finish first.

“There’s strategy involved,” Gappens said. “You have to make pit stops, and in our sport, there’s no break in between quarters. There’s no halftime break. There aren’t timeouts. These drivers are great athletes, the pit crews are great athletes and there’s a strategy to try to make sure your car gets to the front.”

For more of Gappen’s thoughts on Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordon, check out the video below.