Rihanna Invades Fenway Park, Eyes Outfielder Daniel Nava in Red Sox DugoutWere there no seats available next to the Dodgers’ dugout, or was Matt Kemp simply being a “Rude Boy” to his girlfriend and pop star Rihanna?

The sultry singer made her Fenway Park debut over the weekend as the Dodgers took on the Red Sox in a three-game series in Boston.

Rihanna, who is dating the Dodgers’ star outfielder, was sitting next to the Sox dugout, where she could keep an eye on the AL East sluggers.

According to baseless speculation and my imagination, Rihanna became jealous of outfielder Daniel Nava‘s crush on ESPN and Dancing With the Stars personality Erin Andrews, and had to check the young stud out.

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Rihanna Invades Fenway Park, Eyes Outfielder Daniel Nava in Red Sox Dugout

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“I love how everyone is pulling for everyone. In the
minors you’re trying to win, but obviously you’re trying to make it to
the next level so to be a part of this whole environment, this team.
I’m blessed. I’m enjoying it.”
Daniel Nava, referring to the Red Sox’ recent winning ways

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This NESN.com reader could be onto something, as the Bruins may need help from above for Edmonton to pass on Taylor Hall.

“taylor hall in a bruins jersey please for the love of god!!!!


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When saying “3, 2, 1” turns into calling “9-1-1.”

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