Ron Artest is apparently trying to resurrect a rap career that seemed to have stalled after his 2006 release of his debut album “My World.”

Shortly after his Lakers finished off the Celtics in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Artest was debuting his new rhymes in a rap he calls “Champion” that he wrote last June in anticipation of someday winning an NBA crown.

Ironically, Artest not only envisioned winning a title, but he also raps: “I love the fourth quarter, the ninth inning, I love Game 7, bring on the competition.” Artest was a key component in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s Game 7 win at Staples Center in L.A.

Artest turned in maybe his best performance of his career in Game 7, scoring 20 points while grabbing five rebounds and collecting five steals. He also hit a crushing 3-pointer late in the fourth quarter.

The controversial Artest also mentions himself in the same breath as other polarizing sports figures like Cassius Clay, Mike Tyson, and Barry Bonds during his one-minute rap.

Curiously missing from the rhyme is any mention Artest’s roots in Queensbridge, although he took care of that in his postgame news conference along with a shout-out just weeks earlier.

There was also no mention in the rap of the person who is perhaps most responsible for Artest’s resurgence — his psychiatrist. Of course, he did that right after the Lakers beat the Celtics for their 16th title.

Athletes aren’t necessarily unfamiliar with dipping their toes in the rap game. Many athletes before Artest have tried their hand at rapping. Allen Iverson, Chris Webber, Tony Parker and Shaquille O’Neal have all cut their best rhymes and produced albums.

Say what you want about Artest’s rap skills, but one thing is for certain: They are prophetic. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the rap is the line which Artest can now truly back up: “I ain’t gotta brag, I let the trophies do it.” Well played, Ron, well played.

To hear and see Artest’s rap, check out the video below.