'Tantrum' Tiger Woods Keeps Up Immature Ways Despite Promising US Open Comeback Tiger Woods almost made the most of his worst Father’s Day since becoming a dad in 2007.

While his children were nowhere in sight at Pebble Beach, Woods stormed back into contention at the US Open, only to finish with a 4-over par 75 and a fourth-place tie.

Woods competed in — and won — previous Opens in grace and grandeur. But this new version of Tiger — the cheating, lying, tantrum-throwing bachelor — proved his immaturity isn’t going anywhere by continuously throwing his clubs after hitting a poor shot. It’s golf, Tiger — even the best in the world (you) make bad shots.

So is Tiger simply having flashbacks of Elin taking Thanksgiving cuts at him with his irons, or is Tantrum Tiger disgracing the game with his childish antics?

As his late father Earl said in a recent Nike ad, “What were you thinking?”

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'Tantrum' Tiger Woods Keeps Up Immature Ways Despite Promising US Open Comeback


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“If David Stern were commish of PGA Tour, Tiger would b named MVP of US Open.”
Jason Whitlock, comparing Kobe Bryant to Tiger Woods

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Looks like NESN.com has found the Laker fan with math skills.

“Ron Ron – he’s hungry for another 2nd ring…you can see it in the postgame locker room… 2010+1 = 2011…make it Lakers!!!”

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The fellowship of the vuvuzela! Middle Earth is preparing for the World Cup.

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