Tyler Seguin Could Easily Transition to Winger if Drafted by Bruins Taylor Hall
or Tyler Seguin?

To help the Bruins make the decision, coach Mike Vellucci of the Plymouth Whalers, Seguin’s OHL team, joined SportsDesk on Friday to chat with Cole Wright.

“He plays the whole game,” Vellucci says of Seguin. “He has great playmaking ability that he’s shown over the last two years.”

Vellucci says that Seguin is very unselfish despite sometimes being the best player on the ice, deferring to his teammates. Some of it had to do with age, being 16 years old playing in a league full of 18- and 19-year-old competitors. In the 2009-10 season, Seguin “concentrated on putting the puck in the net more,” Vellucci said.

Mission accomplished, as Seguin led the OHL in scoring.

Click on the video below to hear why Vellucci moved Seguin off of center and made him a winger, with Seguin’s response, plus more. (Hint: Seguin was unselfish about it.)