Agent is Confident Terrell Owens Will Sign with a New Franchise Soon


Terrell Owens promises he'll be on his best behavior.

For the second-consecutive year the notorious wide receiver is on the market. However, this offseason has been a bit more difficult for Owens, who has a league-wide reputation of having a bad attitude and a ball-hogging habit. That attitude paired with his less than stellar numbers last season leave him with the work of pursuing teams to play for, rather than the other way around.

He's already courted the Patriots, claiming he would take less money to play for Bill Belichick's squad. He even went as far as to compare himself to LeBron James, saying he wouldn't mind taking some time away from the ball and sharing the receiving duties with Randy Moss. Taking on T.O .is a daunting task, as he comes with a past that is littered with league-fines and egotistical rants.

Owens has said he's matured, however, and that the current opinions that circulate throughout the NFL are false and outdated, according to

"They're always focused on what has happened earlier in my career," Owens told the Associated Press. "It's not like I can't play. There is some type of influence that they're making in the minds of teams and owners and GMs."

Despite all the influences floating around, it seems that Owens is making progress in his summer venture, and is close to signing with a team very soon. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, stated that there are five teams that are interested in signing T.O., and that they'd be making the announcement within the next few weeks.

While he didn't give any hints to which franchises are among the five possibilities, Rosenhaus did say that the San Diego Chargers were not in the group of interested parties. The Seattle Seahawks have also stated they are not signing T.O

Owens' numbers during the 2009 season with the Buffalo Bills were anything but spectacular (55 receptions, 829 yards, 5 touchdowns), leaving critics to believe that the 36-year-old is on the decline in his career. This accusation, according to T.O., couldn't be further from the truth. 

"Now they feel like I'm slowing down or I can't play," Owens told the AP. "But those numbers can be deceiving."

The six-time Pro Bowler ensures that whatever team he signs with, he will show up in top shape and will be ready to take on whatever role is required of him.

Whether he's turned over a new leaf or not, his talents and past achievements on the field can't be denied. Only time will tell if the risk of signing T.O. will be worth the outcome in 2010.

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