Can Jessica Simpson Retroactively Curse New Orleans Saints’ 2010 Season?

Can Jessica Simpson Retroactively Curse New Orleans Saints' 2010 Season? Kim Kardashian has been getting way too much attention recently. Jessica Simpson knows she needs to up her game and get back in the spotlight.

According to TMZ, the 29-year-old (somewhat former) pop star is now dating Yale football legend and ex-New Orleans Saint Eric Johnson. Simpson famously “cursed” Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys during her relationship with the Dallas signal-caller, and her relationships with Johnny Knoxville and Nick Lachey didn’t really benefit either’s careers.

If you watched Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, you know that Lachey spent most of his time on camera drinking Miller Lites and watching University of Cincinatti games with other former 98 Degrees members — not making music. Still, Simpson surely didn’t ruin John Mayer‘s career, as the musician is as popular and critically acclaimed as ever.

Johnson has been out of the NFL since 2008, and had a tenure with the San Francisco 49ers prior to moving to New Orleans, but is the Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson 1-2 punch simply too much for the defending champions to overcome?

A source close to Simpson says that she and Johnson are “very happy.”

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Can Jessica Simpson Retroactively Curse New Orleans Saints' 2010 Season?

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”I’m taking everything into account here. It’s as simple as this: At the end of the day, I’ll make the best decision for my family.”

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Is Theo Epstein the best GM in baseball? Sunday’s Fan Forum question spurred some serious debate, but the consensus is that Boston could do much worse.

“All the people hating on Theo are radically underestimating the number of stupid people out there that we could be subjected to. Suffer through years of Jim Bowden, JP Ricciardi, Omar Minaya, etc. and then maybe learn to appreciate what you have. I don’t know if he’s the best in baseball, but Theo does just fine.”

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With the best athletes and athletic resources in the world, why isn’t the United States playing in the World Cup semifinals?

One of the most common responses goes something like this: While kids in Africa, Europe and South America play soccer barefoot in the streets or against a wall from the time they can walk, Americans raise their youth soccer players in a different way. They are being coached by suburban fathers, drink Capri Sun and eat orange slices.

Perhaps what we are missing is that “street swagger” gained from playing pickup games on the recess blacktop, or wherever we can find space as kids. Our youth surely do that when it comes to football and basketball, and as a result, we are the best in the world in those disciplines.

Clint Dempsey, aka “Deuce” (his rap name), may be the exception to the American rule. He grew up in rural Texas and played barefoot soccer with Mexican immigrant children as a small child. While his rap talent is somewhere between Deion Sanders level and Ron Artest level, his “Don’t Tread” effort sends the right message. Soccer needs to become a street sport in the U.S. if it wants to compete with the world’s best.

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