Chris Coghlan Tears Meniscus Throwing Pie as Celebration-Induced Injury Strikes Again


July 27, 2010

Chris Coghlan Tears Meniscus Throwing Pie as Celebration-Induced Injury Strikes Again Maybe clumsy athletes should just stop celebrating altogether.

Following Wes Helms‘ walk-off triple against the Atlanta Braves this past Sunday, last year’s NL Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan delivered the classic pie in the face.

He landed awkwardly and later noticed that his knee was tweaked. After traveling with the team Monday, Coghlan received an MRI and found that he had torn his meniscus.

Now, he is headed to the DL.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez has said there will be “no more such celebratory antics.”

The Coghlan injury is much like that incurred by Kendry Morales of the Angels, who ended his campaign by fracturing his lower leg celebrating a walk-off grand slam earlier this season.

NFL kicker Bill Gramatica also famously tore his ACL by celebrating a made field goal.

This MLB season, however, has surely been a strange one, with an abnormal number of no-hitters and inside-the-park home runs to go along with the celebration injuries.

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Chris Coghlan Tears Meniscus Throwing Pie as Celebration-Induced Injury Strikes Again

Quote of the day

“That ninth inning. I kept telling myself, ‘Just finish it, just finish it, just battle, battle. If it’s meant to happen, it’s going to happen.'”

Matt Garza on his no-hitter

Comment of the day

The Red Sox’ 6-3 win over the Angels Monday night was exciting enough to keep teenagers up, but only until bedtime.

a teenager, I am SO going to be watching the Sox late, but only till
11:30 or so. Like Dan in RI, I’m pretty much a diehard Sox fan. I am
REALLY REALLY happy V Mart will officially be back. Slowly but surely,
Sox are recovering.Definitely dumping Okajima might help us out, but I think Delcarmen
isn’t doing all that bad, but Ramirez, like Okajima, has got to go too.
We need a guy that can get through like the 6th and 7th innings without
blowing leads (HO and RR are the main culprits. Delcarmen is just
getting back from injury too, so I wouldn’t be too sure he’ll leave BOS
just yet) which should mean Bard and Papelbon will have a lot less worry
to deal with when they step on the mound. Go Sox!”


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They say that NHL players set a bad example for children by fighting. When these kids came to blows though, at least mother was there to intervene.

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