Curt Schillling isn't exactly throwing fireballs anymore, but he is working to allow other people to do so.

According to, the former Red Sox pitcher is set to debut his new video game at the upcoming Comic-Con 2010 convention in San Diego. The game — now officially titled Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning — is inspired by the works of acclaimed sci-fi author R.A. Salvatore and comic book artist Todd McFarlane, and will debut in the form of a trailer at the annual comic book convention.

The game is the product of Schilling's 38 Studios, the video game studio he founded in 2006 and turned to full time after retiring from baseball.

Schilling, a self-professed gamer and avid World of Warcraft player, gathered Salvatore, McFarlane and famed game designer Ken Rolston to develop the game that was previously code-named Project: Mercury.

Not many details have been released, but it is being billed as a large, open-world role-playing game.

The studio has partnered with EA Games to publish the game, which is shooting for a late 2011 release date.