Darnell McDonald Continues to Prove 'Everything Happens for a Reason' One of the biggest reasons the Red Sox remain in the AL East hunt despite a season filled with injuries is the continued stellar play of those players called upon to replace the injured.

Darnell McDonald may be the best example of that. McDonald — who has spent the strong majority of 13 professional seasons in the minor leagues — continues to contribute when asked.

McDonald made his Red Sox debut on April 20, and with the seemingly never-ending list of outfield injuries, McDonald has remarkably stayed with the Red Sox since.

Not only has he stayed around, he’s played pretty well. Entering Saturday’s game with the Orioles, McDonald is hitting .266 with five home runs and 20 runs batted in. Appropiately, McDonald’s been his best when filling in and pinch-hitting, where he’s 5-for-6 with a home run, while driving in four.

“It’s something that’s brought us together, and that’s what you need to win a championship,” McDonald said of his and other call-ups’ contributions to the team. “So far, we’ve been able to chip and win some guys and we’ve got guys from all over pitching in and helping out. I think it’s brought excitement to the clubhouse.”

With his future with the team uncertain, McDonald knows that he needs to keep continuing to make the best out of the opportunity he has in Boston.

“One of the things I’ve learned over the 13 years that I’ve been playing is that you never know,” McDonald told Tom Caron and Peter Gammons on Red Sox GameDay Live. “Every time you think you’ve seen it all, something else happens. I just thank God that things happened the way they did and I’ve had an opportunity to come back and be a part of this team. They’ve welcomed me from Day 1, and you feel like you’re part of something special.”

Be sure to check out the video below for more of Tom Caron and Peter Gammons’ conversation with Darnell McDonald on Red Sox GameDay Live.