Report: Dustin Pedroia Could Return to Red Sox Lineup by End of July


Report: Dustin Pedroia Could Return to Red Sox Lineup by End of July Dustin Pedroia is determined to beat the six-week recovery schedule set for the fractured bone in his left foot, and pending a CT scan scheduled for Friday, he may do just that.

There are two outcomes that could occur depending on the results of the scan, reports.

One: the good news. Pedroia is hoping to hear that the misplaced navicular bone on the top of his foot is healing back into place. Then it's up to the second baseman how much weight-bearing activity he can bear. Pedroia claims his pain tolerance is high, and he wants to get back to the Red Sox roster as soon as possible. Soon could mean Pedroia returning to the field by the end of this month.

''That's what [I'm] looking for," Pedroia told reporters in Anaheim, where is on hand for the All-Star festivities. "I don't know what [team doctors are] looking for. I'm trying to get back in there. Guys that are hurt, we care so much. It's not fun watching this, watching every game, knowing that in some way we want to help. As long as the bone is not going to break off, they're not going to tell me anything [about when he comes back to play].''

Two: the bad news. As a result of the foul tip that rocketed off Pedroia's foot three weeks ago in San Francisco, the navicular bone could have chipped off. This possibility would require a pin — and surgery — that would sideline Pedroia for the remainder of the 2010 season.

The former MVP and heart of the Red Sox organization is obviously hoping for the first option, along with the rest of the clubhouse and the Fenway faithful. Should the CT scan show that the bone is healing, it won't be long until Pedroia returns to the diamond.

"If there's no chance of that [the bone being chipped off],'' Pedroia said, "then the Laser Show is back on."

The Red Sox are hoping for plenty more laser shows in the second half of the season.

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